Training Sanctuaries for protection from the wildlife in this jungle of Indian Equities

Jeena Scriptech Alpha Advisors Pvt Ltd is a prestigious and exclusive confluence of the 100 + years old Jeena Logistics Group and the 20+ years old Scriptech Capital Markets Training Group.

We are an independent Investment Training Firm in Capital Markets located in Mumbai, India, led by India's leading Fundamental Investment Trainer, Gaurav A Parikh. We provide professional equity portfolio training services to Clients across the Investor Spectrum ~ From Institutions, Corporates, Mutual Funds, Banks, Broking houses, Non Resident Indians and High Net Worth Individuals right down to the Small and Retail Investors.

Co-Founder & MD

Gaurav A Parikh, the Co-Founder & Managing Director of Jeena Scriptech Alpha Advisors Pvt Ltd, is a Fundamental Force to reckon with in the Field of Training in Capital Markets. Based in Mumbai he can be contacted on 9820162597 should you wish to explore an opportunity to seek quality equity portfolio training in Capital Markets... to protect and grow wealth on portfolios... for corporate and financial advisory on IPO Process & Pricing, Restructuring, Valuations, Mergers and Acquisitions and Funds Mobilisation through Equity and Debt

As he loves to quote George Patton, `If everybody is thinking alike... then somebody isn’t thinking’

It is for this and more he is regarded by many as India’s leading Investment Trainer. His Passion for Equities, incisive analytical skills, sense of humor, top oratory skills and his remarkable ability to demystify macro and micros has seen him being voted as the best speaker at many forums in India and overseas. He is the ideal ‘Go to’ Man for both the Basics of Financial Literacy & Inclusion as well as Advanced Strategies Training for Serious Wealth Creation.

Here are few recent accolades for Gaurav A Parikh

Equity Training Passion

Gaurav has shared experiences with and trained over 50000 people in several workshops and Invitational lectures in India and Overseas over the last 28 years.

His Conceptualised and Conducted Fundamental & Financial Workshops attract even Heads of Research as well as other top participants from SEBI, Mutual Funds, Corporate Houses, PSUs, Broking Houses, Retail & High Net Worth Investors and leading educational institutions and even serve as Internal Training for Leading Broking Groups and Mutual Fund Houses for their Relationship Managers, Franchisees, Staff and Business Associates all over India.

Read some testimonials from participants who Gaurav has addressed and interacted with, on issues ranging from the basics of Stock Markets to advanced and controversial facets of Corporate Governance, Valuation of Equity, Financial Planning and Derivatives.