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Recommended Reading

An avid reader, Gaurav Parikh can devour just about anything in print !… but he is most passionate about reading on company and stock market related insider experiences. What he has to say... "The books I urge you to read, I regard as worthy and treasured members of my library collection…

To facilitate, I have also slotted these Recommended Readings into 'Out of the Box Thinking' and 'Booms and Busts'

Do keep revisting as I shall keep on adding to the List of Recommended Reading

I enjoy Reading best at two in the night when my three masters, wife and two children, adult son approaching 24 and daughter approaching 18, are fast asleep in a world of their own ! Happy Reading !"

Books you must Read!

Out of the Box Thinking

Gaurav Parikh's Choice of Books on “Out of the Box Thinking”

Sr Title Author Publisher Year First Published What's it about
1 The Black Swan Nassim Nicholas Taleb Penguin 2007 The Impact of the Highly Improbable…will change the way you look at the World…we fool ourselves into thinking we know more than we actually do
2 Winners Never Cheat Jon M Huntsman Wharton School Publishing 2006 The Rationale that you have to cheat to stay competitive is a powerful lure.Moral Bankruptcy is the inevitable conclusion
If you want to succeed nowadays,you have to make compromises.Right? Wrong
3 Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace : How we got to be so hated Gore Vidal Thunder's Mouth Press/Nation Books 2002 Could it be that the greatest victim of the September 11th terror attacks will be American Liberty? "Once alienated" Vidal writes, "an ”˜unalienable right' is apt to be forever lost"
4 blink
The Power of Thinking Without Thinking
Malcolm Gladwell Little, Brown & Company,Time Warner Book Group 2005 …about choices that appear to be made in an instant-in the blink of an eye-that actually aren't as simple as they seem…Great Decision Makers are those who have perfected the art of “thin slicing”-knowing the very few things that matter
5 Every Man A King Dr Orison Swett Marden Nesma Books 1999 Our Worst Enemy is Fear….Pessimism is Unprofitable….The Power of Cheerful Thinking is Immense
6 Faith Sharon Salzberg Riverhead Books…a Member of Penguin Putnam 2002 Faith is not a Commodity we either have or don't have-it is an inner quality that unfolds as we learn to trust our own deepest experience
7 Discover Your Destiny Robin Sharma Jaico Publishing 2004 Readers are introduced to Dar Sanderson,a highly ambitious executive who appears to have it all on the outside but lacks happiness ,meaning and inner peace…he embarks on an extraordinary odyssey to find his authentic self and claim the life of his dreams learning the seven potent lessons that are essential
8 Thinking about Thinking K R Ravi Jaico Publishing 2005 The author is the first in India to be certified as an Edward Bono Trainer in Lateral Thinking
The key to a beautiful mind is creativity,imagination and empathy.A properly trained mind enables you to hone your skills,but a misguided mind can leave you confused and stranded
9 Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times Anjana Chokshi Jaico Publishing 2006 Refreshing Insights into the many Challenges that we face in day to day living
10 Screw It, Let's Do it Richard Branson Virgin Books 2006 People will always try to talk you out of ideas and say :”It can't be done,” but if you have faith in yourself you'll find you can achieve almost anything
How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls
Noel M Tichy
Warren G Bennis
Penguin Group
2007 “With good judgment,little else matters.
Without it,nothing else matters.”
12 The GOD Delusion Richard Dawkins Bantam Press 2006 A Deeply Religious Non Believer…Why there almost certainly is no God

Booms & Busts

Gaurav Parikh's Choice of Books on ”˜Booms and Busts'

Sr Title Author Publisher Year First Published What's it about
1 Traders Guns & Money Satyajit Das Pearson Education 2007 It is impossible to make staggering amounts of money in Derivatives honestly
2 Running Money Andy Kessler Harper Collins 2005 Insider's Tale through witty and whacky stories on big stakes Investing
3 guns,germs and steel Jared Diamond Vintage 1998 Why History unfolded so differently on different continents dividing the world between haves and have-nots
4 Bull ! A History of the Boom and Bust,1982-2004 Maggie Mahar Harper Collins 2004 Begins with the Intriguing Prologue on Young and Blond, Henry Blodget, the Internet Stocks Wizard who went from Darling to Damned
5 Irrational Exuberance Robert J Shiller Currency Doubleday…a Division of Random House 2005 Brilliant Research and Data Interpretation on House pricing that supported the development of a Theory of Bubbles…a theory that can be applied to any speculative market
6 Dirty Money BCCI: The Inside Story of the World's Sleaziest Bank Mark Potts, Nicholas Kochan and Robert Whittington National Press Books 1992 True Story of how a Financial Institution turned into a haven for terrorist gangs,arms merchants, drug dealers and sleazy dictators…. how a criminal agenda laundered drug money, financed arm deals, peddled influence, bribed politicians,defrauded depositors and sponsored spies
7 Conspiracy of Fools A True Story Kurt Eichenwald Broadway Books 2005 A Mind Boggling True Story of Enron… of the lies,scams and ineptitude behind the spectacular scandal that imperiled a presidency,destroyed a marketplace and changed Washington and Wall Street forever
8 Fool's Gold Gillian Tett Little,Brown 2009 Were the bankers mad? Blind? Evil? Or were they simply grotesquely greedy? Well over a decade before the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, bankers gathered for a legendary off site weekend that fueled derivative ideas that led to the biggest financial crisis since 1930s