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Feedback from Training Sessions

Feedback from Gaurav’s training sessions and addresses has been exceptionally kind

At a high profile South Asia Federation of Exchanges Conference in Mauritius, attended by over 100 top delegates from over ten countries... Heads of Stock, Currency and Commodity Exchanges, High Commissioners, CEOs of Banks and Financial Institutions... when asked by the moderator to close out his humorous address due to time constraints, all the delegates shouted out in unison for him to continue as they were enjoying it!... this is a sample of the feedback from delegates from many countries

“It was indeed a pleasure listening your views at the SAFE conference on the capital market... it was lovely meeting you... and knowing about your intellect and mastery in identifying value stocks and about your skills to impart training to large group of professionals.”

In 2018 Gaurav completes 30 years in Equity. Though to him both continue to be a humbling experience of High & Lows! that requires patience, passion and of course ‘paisa’ to survive and enjoy not to mention loads of temperament, luck, conviction, risk assuming abilities, fundamental faith, belief & understanding!

He has had plenty of great testimonials from participants of the various BSE & NSE Workshops he has held over the years, like these below

“…attend his workshops to learn how valuations operate, what might destroy your wealth and what companies could snowball your investment if you have courage and conviction. And most important you’ll understand why! Investment is not Housie or Triple Pool. There’s logic and discipline and Gaurav will share both with you”
“…indeed refreshing to meet with you”
“…it was a super duper fun filled educational get-together…u rock”
“Thanks a lot buddy for a knowledgeable session”
“great fun & exciting discussions…thanks Gaurav sir”
“It was really good”
“Thanks for the workshop... try to make it available to other cities too. I came from Patna just for this training”
“...even those 7 hours seemed like few minutes as all of us were so engrossed in workshop time just flew by. Gaurav has his numbers / opinions/ facts right on fingers, has opinion on any stock that came into discussion. The biggest value I got from Gaurav’s workshop is it completely changed my perspective of looking at “Value”. I learned that Value needs to be looks with respect to the Price. Which enabled me to think is the value already been priced or not. Which is what he meant by “Value v/s Price”. Earlier I used to think of Value in isolation”
“Another great learning was, Top Down approach of Picking the potential business. All the while I been doing a “Bottom-up” approach but it was enlightening to see how does the three Is (Interest, Inflation, Interest) have impact on a certain Sector at a Point in time”
"Overall, it was absolutely UNDERVALUED Workshop with massive value on table"

More Testimonials

Prasad Sangam, Acornia Financial Planning, Pune

“Your presentation was fantastic & the way you dealt confidently with the subject was really amazing. Well I had started my career during Harshad Mehta time as a sub-broker but had burnt my fingers in the HM & KP era. Hence had stopped from investing in stock markets, but by hearing you, got impressed to start a new inning”
Babu, IFA, S B I Mutual Fund, Bengaluru

“All of us in Bengaluru enjoyed your session. I already had a call from my friend IFA with a request to arrange a session for KAMFA [Karantaka Association For Mutual Fund Advisors]. We look forward to meet you again asap... you were ROCKING”
Tanjil Chowdhury, Chief Executive Officer, EC SECURITIES LIMITED, Dacca

“We (the Bangladeshi delegates) still talk about how much we enjoyed your presentation and 'mind gums' in Mauritius at the SAFE Conference. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit us in Dhaka, I have a young team here who would love to get a session from you.”
Virender Bhutani, Director, Delhi Stock Exchange

“It was indeed a pleasure listening your views at the SAFE conference in Mauritius on Capital Markets... and knowing about your intellect and mastery in identifying value stocks and about your skills to impart training to large group of professionals.”
Dorji Phuntsho,CEO, Royal Stock Exchange of Bhutan

“Your presentation was very good !!! We would love to have you here in Bhutan”