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Aster Dm Healthcare Limited.

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Aster Dm Healthcare Limited.

Aster Dm Healthcare Limited.


Record of Equity share transactions for Olympus Capital Asia in Aster DM Healthcare Ltd.

Date No. of Shares FV Price/ Share Total Value Comments Cumulative No. of Shares
18/01/2012 24843 10 158918 3947999874 New Preferential Issue 24843
6917 10 158918 1099235806 Purchased from IVF 31760
09/07/2012 31760000 10 Bonus 1000:1 31791760 Bonus
20/11/2013 63583520 10 Bonus 2:1 95375280 Bonus
06/05/2014 6369878 10 102.85 655141952 New Preferential Issue 101745158 New Prefential Issue
3830400 10 189.46 725707584 From Promoters 105575558 Cost as per SPA as on May 6,2014
20/11/2017 8576344 10 111.65 957548808 Conversion of CCPS 114151902 Conversion of 9309822 CCPs issued on May 6,2014 at Rs 102.85
29/12/2017 3642711 10 22.14 80649621 From Promoters 117794613 Cost as per SPA as on May 6,2014


Record of Equity share transactions for IVF Advisors Pvt. Ltd. in Aster DM Healthcare Ltd.

Date No. of Shares FV Price/ Share Total Value Comments Cumulative No. of Shares
28/08/2008 100 10 10 1000 New Preferential Issue 100
29/12/2008 10565 10 10000 105650000 New Preferential Issue 10665
29/12/2011 11749 10 10000 117490000 New Preferential Issue 22414
18/01/2012 6917 10 158918 1099235806 Sold to olympus capital 15497
09/07/2012 15497000 10 Bonus Issue 1000:1 15512497
20/11/2013 31024994 10 Bonus Issue 2:1 46537491


  1. On December 29, 2011, IVF Advisors bought 11749 equity shares at Rs. 10000 each. However, on January 18, 2012, Olympus Capital Asia bought a total of 31760 shares at Rs. 158918 each, out of which it bought 24843 shares from the company and the remaining 6917 shares were bought from IVF Advisors.

To sum up the scenario from IVF Advisors’ perspective, they bought 11749 shares at Rs. 10000 each and in a span of 20 days they sold off 6917 shares to Olympus Capital at an astonishing rate of Rs. 158918 per share.

That is to say, they made a profit of Rs. 148918 per share, which adds up to a total profit of 103 Crores (148918*6917).


  1. As of December 2018, IVF Advisors held a total of 46537491 shares for the cost of Rs. 22 Cr (ex both bonuses and selling 6917 shares to Olympus at Rs 158918 per share). When we calculate their cost of holding, it comes up to Rs. –18.83 per share .


  1. After selling the first set of shares to Olympus Capital Asia at Rs. 158918 per share, on 29 December, 2017 The company’s promoters sold 3642711 shares to Olympus capital at a discounted rate of Rs. 22.14. This was done to comply with the share purchase agreement signed between the two parties on 6May, 2014.


  1. In June 2019, True North (IVFA) sold their entire stake in Aster DM. In March 2019, the company held 41602849 shares at 8.23% stake in the company. However, they sold 7.39% of their stake, amounting to 3.73 crore shares for Rs. 120 each.  They made Rs. 448 Cr in this deal. But, they had already earned their Return in 2012 when they sold 6917 shares to Olympus at Rs. 158918 each.


  1. Olympus Capital held 117794613 shares as of March 2018 for the cost of Rs. 746 Cr. On calculating their cost of holding we get Rs. 63.38 per share. They current market price is 122.10  We can see that Olympus bought their initial set of shares for Rs. 158918 each but after all the bonuses and CCPS conversions, the investment is in profit. Was Olympus Conned or a fool to buy shares at around Rs 1.5 lacs each, or was it smart enough to anticipate these gains?

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