Stock Selection – Value Vs Price

Scrip Sanctuaries for protection from the wildlife in this jungle of Indian Equities

Stock Selection - Value Vs Price

...Integrating Intellect with Instinct

This can be structured as a One or Two Day Intensive Programme for equipping those seriously interested in Equity with Knowledge of Fundamentals to add Value to their Roles, blending theory with application & academics with action… and integrating Intellect with Instinct.

Coverage includes Five Fundamental Modules of

  • Overview of the Global and Indian Economy
  • Market Dynamics for Equity
  • Time Value of Money & Valuation
  • Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • Adding Value to Client Relationships

Valuation will cover both traditional & contemporary techniques over all the three basis of assets, earnings and market value. Computation of stock and portfolio beta, cost of equity, weighted average cost of capital, hedging the portfolio using derivatives strategies too will be covered.

Investor Mistakes and Logical Thinking Situations will be played out.

Security Analysis & Portfolio Management Process will involve Risk and Return Definitions, Measurement and Trade-off and Asset Allocation, Investment Strategy and Optimal portfolio construction, measurement, review and rebalancing after assessing the risk profile of the Investor.

Case Studies of Companies will be done to assess Value Vs Price for suitability as a portfolio selection.

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