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Our Scrip Sanctuaries – Plans for protection from the wildlife in this jungle of Indian Equities

Stock Select Series

Hot Favourites
Rs 50,000 Annual
(includes 18% GST)

Turnaround Scrip
Rs 40,000 Annual
(includes 18% GST)

Current Favourite
Rs 30,000 Annual
(includes 18% GST)

Steady Returns
Rs 20,000 Annual
(includes 18% GST)

Discounted Price ~ Rs 1,25,000 Annual ~ (includes 18% GST)

Exclusive Direct Equity Advisory

High Networth Individuals
Rs 5,00,000 Annual
(includes 18% GST)

Standard Service for Smaller Portfolios
Rs 1,50,000 Annual
(includes 18% GST)

One to One interaction with Gaurav Parikh

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Turbulent times and markets falling don’t mean one has to suffer losses. Even in all the gloom and doom, there are winning stocks for an expert eye and a patient mind to discover. With experience comes the conviction to buy at right time and hold through thick and thin.

In Gaurav Parikh, all these key traits come together nicely, which is discernible from his successful track record. Three of Gaurav’s stocks have so far become 100-baggers – that’s Rs 1 lakh growing into a crore! Not someone to rest on past laurels, he continues to bring out 8-10 strong fundamental stock ideas every year

You can download the Presentation and  Video Replay of Gaurav Parikh’s  90 Minutes Webinar organised  by Pro-F, on Saturday, July 4, 2020 on “Investing in Equity in Turbulent Times and Opportunities in Indian Markets”

Training Clientele

Our Flagship Fundamental Equity Training Programmes

Training Sanctuaries for protection from the wildlife in this jungle of Indian Equities

Stock Selection - Value Vs Price

A One or Two Day Intensive Programme covering all Fundamental modules for equipping those seriously interested in Equity with Knowledge of Fundamentals to add Value to their Roles, blending theory with application and academics with action… and integrating Intellect with Instinct

Interpretation of Annual Reports

A Half Day to One Day Workshop that involves reading of a company’s annual report from the perspective of all users of such reports. These would include employees, shareholders, lenders, government etc. Interpretation of Financial Statements is the core focus.

Finance for Non Finance Executives

Designed for those without background knowledge in finance, this course introduces the fundamental concepts & techniques of finance. It seeks to develop the financial literacy of a layperson and provide a solid foundation in the principles of finance as they apply in the real world.

Valuation of Equity

This Course will benefit all those who are interested in initiating, enhancing or confirming their valuation knowledge in theory and in practice in the field of fundamental equity and company research. It covers traditional and contemporary, relative and absolute valuation techniques.

Accomplished over 30 years of Training

In 2020, Gaurav A Parikh, our MD, completes 32 years in Fundamental Equity Training at BSE, NSE, Foreign Institutional Investors, Corporates, Mutual Funds, Banks, Broking houses, Non Resident Indians and High Net Worth Individuals right down to the Small and Retail Investors.



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