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Equity Training Passion

Gaurav has shared experiences with and trained over 50000 people in several workshops and Invitational lectures in India and Overseas over the last 30 years.

Gaurav’s Fundamental Value vs Price Stock Valuation & Selection workshops are the best investment one can make as one participant commented “learnt more in one day with Gaurav than in my three years degree course”

His Conceptualised and Conducted Fundamental & Financial Workshops attract even Heads of Research  as well as other top participants from SEBI, Mutual Funds, Corporate Houses, PSUs, Broking Houses, Retail & High Net Worth Investors and leading educational institutions and even serve as Internal Training for Leading Broking Groups and Mutual Fund Houses for their Relationship Managers, Franchisees, Staff and Business Associates all over India.

His Fundamental Equity Training is very Practical & anecdotal & he sets up a warm & fun interactive ambience. As he states ”What’s Theory without Application or Academics without Action!”

It’s Legend now that his Workshops always finish overtime as participants simply don’t want to leave… often even refreshments breaks are done away with during training & interaction is on as to keep the momentum going.

He also offers one to one mentoring services for individuals looking for career defining mentorship and training. The benefit of this service is invaluable as a few mentoring sessions with him equate to access to years and years of his vast experience in the capital markets

Here are some of many where Gaurav has addressed and interacted with participants, often high profile, on issues ranging from the basics of Stock Markets to advanced and controversial facets of Corporate Governance, Valuation of Equity, Financial Planning and Derivatives.

  1. SBI Mutual Fund across India
  2. Dun & Bradstreet
  3. NSE Fundamental Training
  5. ICICI Bank Private Global Clients Group
  6. Edelweiss Broking Group
  7. Indiainfoline Broking Group
  8. BSE Training Institute
  9. South Asia Federation of Exchanges (SAFE)
  10. Asit Mehta & Deena Mehta Broking Group across India
  11. Direct Taxes Regional Training Institute (DTRTI)
  12. Citigroup Research Asia Pacific
  13. Mumbai University
  14. Doha Stock Exchange
  15. Qatar Financial Markets Authority
  17. Rakesh Mehta led Mehta Equities Group
  18. Andhra Pradesh Chamber of Commerce
  19. Host of leading Educational Institutions in Mumbai like Cathedral School, Sydenham, H R College, Podar (Golden Jubilee Lecture) and Xaviers & in the Sri Ram School in Gurgaon
  20. Host of leading Management Institutions like Sydenham (SIMSREE), NMIMS & Xaviers Institute of Management

BSE Training Institute Limited

Over 20 years Association with BTI (BSE Training Institute Limited)

Gaurav’s association with the BSE Training Institute, now BTI Institute Ltd of the Bombay Stock Exchange spans over 20 years during which  he co-structured and launched the popular workshop on Fundamental Analysis and co-authored the Text for it which became a BSE Publication. His sessions on “Valuation of Equity” are entertaining as he relates true and often humorous anecdotes of companies to make a point.

His specially conceived Workshop on “Equity Portfolio Structuring and Stock Analysis” was always eagerly awaited and attended by a full house that included Heads of Research from leading Broking Houses, Banks and Institutions.

He had also contributed to setting up the Original Question Bank for the Derivatives Test at BSE & has addressed top audiences in the nuances of Derivatives

NSE Workshops

Commenced NSE Fundamental Equity Training & Mentoring Workshops

On Invitation from NSE in July 2015, commenced much sought Rapid Series Equity Workshops from August 2015 on Interpretation of Financial Statements & Assessing Value v/s Price. They’ve gone Houseful 

A Full Day Mentoring Workshop for the Graduating PG Wealth Management Class of NSE was conducted in the NSE BKC Board Room on Saturday, October 8, 2016

Exclusive Training

Exclusive Equity Training Programme over Five Modules

In 2009, after SEBI abolished the Entry Load, all Mutual Funds prioritised the need for Fundamental Equity Training. At the express request of the MD of a leading Mutual Fund House, Gaurav launched a special two-day workshop covering Five Financial Modules. This workshop had a fantastic response from the Independent Financial Advisors over 14 such workshops conducted all over India for the Mutual Fund.

Such Workshops also received fabulous response from leading Broking Groups and Banks to serve as Internal Training for their Relationship Managers, Franchisees, Staff and Business Associates all over India

The Sessions covered the Fundamentals of Financial Planning, Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, including Asset Allocation and Optimal Portfolio and Rebalancing, Risk and Return Definitions and Measurement and Trade off, involving Standard Deviation, Variance and Beta (Use in Hedging, Valuation and Momentum Trade) and CAPM Risk Models, Time Value of Money, Valuation of Equity (Traditional and Contemporary and Relative and Absolute  basis), Investor Mistakes, including Psychological Traps, Improper Framing, and the Reinvestment Risk, Investor Gurus, Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch and their fundas and Portfolios, Way to Rational Thinking, Market Dynamics including the FII Flows Impact and Sensex Macro Projections, US & PIIGS  Crisis, India’s Fiscal Deficit and some Interesting Angles on how to select and view Mutual Fund performances

His Value Vs Price Fundamental Equity Workshops opened to the public in the last decade in Mumbai & Bengaluru have had an overwhelming response & overwhelming  participants’ motivating feedback as well… Warm accolades poured in from participants who came in to these workshops from Dubai, Ghana, Malaysia, Pune, Lucknow, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Thrissur, Chennai, Delhi, Sangli, Kolhapur, Gokak & Mumbai … there were many repeat participants too, like one record consecutive Five Times from Thrissur & two a record four times from Dubai.

Have a look at Gaurav’s Comprehensive Track Record for 

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