Stock Selection

Stock Selection

Scrip Sanctuaries for protection from the wildlife in this jungle of Indian Equities

Our Stock Selection Subscription Service is under our SEBI Research Analyst Registration  INH000006907

Here’s our Current Offering

Scrip Sanctuaries –Stock Select Series

Protection Plans From The Wildlife In This Jungle Of Indian Equities

Paid Modules

We have Four Paid Modules which showcase our actual Fundamental Stock Select Recommendations which require an Annual Subscription Fee.


SS 1
Scrip Spectacular

Hot Favourites
Rs 50,000 Annual
(includes 18% GST)


SS 2
Scrip Sapling

Turnaround Scrip
Rs 40,000 Annual
(includes 18% GST)


SS 3
Scrip Sparkle

Current Favourite
Rs 30,000 Annual
(includes 18% GST)


SS 4
Scrip Shield

Steady Returns
Rs 20,000 Annual
(includes 18% GST)

SS 1 to SS 4 ~ All Paid Modules

Discounted Price ~ Rs 1,25,000 Annual ~ (includes 18% GST)

Joining Instructions 

  1. Download Registration Docket
  2. Fill the Registration Form (Page 4)
  3. Make online payment as per instructions in Docket
  4. Email scanned copy to [email protected]  along with details of payment

Free Modules

We also have Four Free Modules which are accessible to all without any subscription.


Scrip Scan

Crawling the Web


Scrip Standpoint

View from the Top


Scrip Watch

Stocks on our Horizon


Scrip Tease

Watch out for the bite

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